Thoughts about my work as it develops

How my subjects have been limited


A couple of yeas ago I underwent some serious surgery to remove a large tumour from my left leg, and since then and with resulting side issues, I've been very restricted in where I can take photographs as I'm "officially disabled". On the whole, I can't drive or use public transport so I've moved my chosen subject area. I'm very lucky as, from the back of our house, we have great views with sunrise happening over a large ridge that is about 1000 feet above our house. We also have a large open space full of allotments and tall trees. I can also move about the local area using my mobility scooter. All of this has become my photo studio and, as you can tell from many of my images, I've taken to focusing on the joy of looking at detail. Part of my current plans are to use the allotments and put together part of my portfolio that focuses on the changes over the coming year. Other parts will largely be dictated by where I can travel to on my mobility scooter without falling off.