About Me

Welcome to “Peter Hook Photography”. I am a visual artist working towards my personal vision that lies largely within what is commonly described as “Fine Art Photography".
I currently live in Littleborough just outside Rochdale, NW UK. I have lived here for about 30 years and, prior to that, I lived in Semington, Wiltshire and, before that in Biggin Hill, Kent, and then, South East London. A short while ago I was trying to remember why, in all these places, I was interested in photography in so many ways. Very recently, I suddenly understood why I have been very interested in photography for so long. Over 50 years ago, my father came home from his work as a Government Inspector for a wide range of factories that specialised in all sorts of technology. He had with him the very first, and only, Kodak Instamatic camera to be brought into the UK. The company he had inspected that day had given it to him to use for me as a birthday present complete with 2 film cartridges. From there on in, I was, and still am, “snap happy” as my father called me.

I have been extremely interested in art ever since I started school. After Senior School and an "A Level" in Art, I moved on to college to eventually become an Art Teacher in London. From that, I moved on to work with difficult children but continued up until now with a keen interest in photography as an art medium in a wide variety of ways.

Over the past decade or so, I have been an even more keen photographer and worked towards focusing the main development of my photography largely on one or two “projects” at a time. But, I have not ignored other areas that interest me such as currently documenting the volunteer work being undertaken in the restoration of Hare Hill House in Littleborough.

The last two Projects that I focused on have been “Plants and Flowers” alongside “Sunshine and Shadows” and you will find them on my website. These Projects have both taught me a lot about creatively working with light and focus. My most recent work has started as a wide-reaching project under the common heading of “Street Photography”. Out of this has also come one area that I have only recently decided has some importance beyond this website. Wherever possible, I am drawing attention toward people who fit under the heading of “Homeless”. My intention is to use photography to draw awareness and support in a range of settings that, up until the past few years, has involved town centres in Prague, Paris, Venice and Manchester. Another Project area that I have strangely found photographically interesting has been “Street Wash-days”.

Unfortunately, due to both surgery to deal with cancer making walking very difficult for me and strokes causing a range of other complex difficulties, I have found it difficult to be mobile and to pursue my main projects. However, I am registered as “Disabled” and finding support in several areas that hopefully means I will be able to pick the Projects up again towards the end of 2020.

As you look at the images across my site, you will see that my work covers a wide range of subjects and a common theme in my work (especially in street photography) is that I mainly concentrate on detailed parts of a frame rather than the wider context that I find my subject in.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions about my work.